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Mark Your Calendar! OpEx in Insurance Event coming up

Jorge Sanchez, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Appian
October 9, 2015

Appian's Insuranceteam of experts-and me - will all be on the road soon!

This time, it's for theOperational Excellence in Insurance eventin Hartford, Connecticut.The event is designed to help you align and accelerate your transformation efforts. This year'ssummit includes case studies and roundtable discussions that goinside global insurance companies that have successfully unlockedvalue and delivered substantial and sustained improvements inperformance.

Kate Gingras, Appian's Global Insurance Leader, will be presenting alongside Wilson Gaitan, Senior Information Officer at AIG. The topic is"Delivering a 21st Century Digital Business Experience with BPM."

In this session, Kate and Wilson will discusshow traditional operational excellence and business transformation program costs often perceptively outweigh the benefits of quickly delivered transformational business apps. BPM-based programs are key to aligning approach and delivery for a quiet, effective transformation.

This case study exploration will explain a different point of view on the way to digitally transform through discussions and presentations around:

    • What is driving the digital agenda? How is itdifferent?

    • How canBPM-based apps help inachieving the agenda?

    • How a BPM-based transformation approach impact traditional models? Practical case study

Event details at a glance:

Jorge Sanchez, Director, Product