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Enabling Modern IT to Create the Modern Enterprise with Johnson and Johnson

Staff, Appian
April 28, 2015

Everyone know the name Johnson & Johnson, but did you know that they are an Appian customer?

They sure are and we are very excited to have them live on the main stage this afternoon at Appian World 2015!

With a commitment to world-class application design, development, and delivery of new high-value business capabilities, Bill Bradley, SeniorDirector - IT Business Management Office, leads the BPM program for Johnson & Johnson, the Fortune 50, multinational pharmaceutical, medical and consumer manufacturer of packaged goods. Conservative estimates credit this corporation's Appian program as having already delivered more than $1.2 million in ROI. Bradley used his Appian World presentation to outline how the program is enabling his organization to accelerate application development to deliver value added applications.

According to Bradley, Johnson & Johnson needed a way to streamline processes and tools used to collect, manage, approve and report on Application Services requests, SOWs, pricing, work order creation, invoicing and billing. Today with Appian, Johnson & Johnson has automated all order services on pharmaceutical products and devices on a transformative application platform to help the organization thrive.

According to Bradley, Johnson & Johnson has saved $1.2 million in hard and green savings on Appian's application platform related to Resource, Cycle Time, Cost and Process savings and efficiencies, while also eliminating over 16,000 manual checks. In addition, the pharmaceutical leader eliminated 99 percent of email inquiries (9K annually) along with a 75 percent reduction in cycle time.

"Change is the whole conversation," said Bradley, when discussing the project implementation of Johnson & Johnson's IT team.

Multiple areas of operations that are critical to the business have been rolled out with Appian. Within Johnson & Johnson's case management solution various apps have been introduced and automated across an application platform including Order Intake and Acknowledgement, Review and Approval, Delivery, and Invoicing of client and contractor billing.

"Everything is in Appian, where we are able to house all our data," said Bradley. "This allows us to examine the bottlenecks in our process and identify where we can accelerate delivery. Data is critical to get things right. Our numbers are off the chart and this solution has been the driving force to accomplish process improvement."

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager