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App Innovation Essential as Enterprise Mobility Plans Evolve

Joshua Hoffman
October 12, 2015

Mobility strategies are playing a growing role in enterprise operations, and organizations increasingly need to invest in application development platforms to support these goals. A recent EnterpriseAppsTech report pointed to a variety of studies to explain that businesses have made significant progress in using mobile devices to drive productivity gains and reduce costs. However, companies also need to make major progress in how they deliver apps and services to mobile users if they truly want to drive success.

The role of apps in the enterprise mobility landscape

Mobile devices, on their own, have incredibly limited potential in the workplace. Without the right apps and services to drive productivity, they offer little more than email and communication functions. Furthermore, users who experience such restricted mobile capabilities will often turn to consumer solutions to get the job done. The news source explained that most companies already have a strategy in place to avoid this problem. The rise of mobile device management solutions has let many organizations to create enterprise app stores to carefully control which apps and services users can leverage when performing work tasks.

Apps are the key to unlocking enterprise mobility.Apps are the key to unlocking enterprise mobility.

The problem, according to the report, is that many businesseslack the quantity and diversity of mobile apps that they need to truly empower their user base. While email and other enterprise collaboration are being moved into mobile channels at a rapid pace, few organizations are getting beyond this. For the most, the issue stems from the fact that companies are having a difficult time migrating legacy software solutions into mobile environments. The programming burden that comes with transitioning apps can be overwhelming, and organizations need specialized tools to overcome this burden.

BPM tools can serve as a mobile innovation enabler

Getting your app framework to a place where you can truly empower your workforce hinges on being able to roll out new apps quickly. Depending solely on IT to handle this development burden is incredibly cumbersome, especially as it doesn't necessarily guarantee that the apps you do create will align with business requirements. BPM software platforms that offer low-code application development functions, on the other hand, put custom mobile app creation into the hands of your users.

Creating a productive mobile workforce hinges on giving employees the apps they need to work as efficiently as possible. BPM platforms give you the development tools needed to not only create mobile apps quickly, but also align those solutions with business processes to optimize operational capabilities.