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3 Reasons to Run an Appian Health Check Today

Medhat Galal
June 2, 2015

Dear Appian Customer,

I am writing you today to remind you to run the Appian Health Check (AHC) available on Appian Forum.

Appian Center of Excellence (CoE) has invested greatly in this free tool that allows you to check your project and infrastructure work regularly to mitigate technical risk. This tool not only covers Appian performance on your current hardware, but also provides many design assistance benefits to keep your Appian installation perpetually in tip-top shape. Below are the top 3 reasons you should run the Appian Health Check today, as well as on a monthly basis, if not more frequently.

1.) Understand your performance profile deeply to proactively address risks

Running the health check gives you the peace of mind ofknowing as much as you can about how Appian is running on your current hardware, This allows you to proactively plan for tuning and scaling Appian as your needs change. Since your usage varies month to month, there is no question that your utilization profile will be different.

2.) Aid your project team in preventing potential design risks

Your teams can run a Health Check as often as needed to provide a self-service review cycle for their work, all at no additional cost to you. Get instant feedback on your applications during development to catch potential problems early, before they're released to users.

3.) Get the latest analysis

The Appian Platform is constantly improving and Appian CoE's best practices change over time as we learn from our customers. Staying current with best practices is absolutely essential to avoiding costly re-work or maintenance work, and in some cases irreversible issues that impact performance, upgradability, and overall maintenance of your applications. Run regular health checks to make sure you're getting the most up-to-date assessment.

Appian continues to invest in your success in many ways and Appian CoE is chartered to create tools, components, and best practices that advance that cause. It is important for us to get your feedback regularly so we can continually adjust our practices and tools to always suit your needs.

Should you have feedback, I encourage you to comment here or on Forum.

-Medhat Galal, VP of Enablement