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Top IT concerns all addressable with BPM software

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
February 21, 2014

The IT industry is always evolving, and as such the top concerns that most firms have for their IT success change on a regular basis. Companies have to keep up with top trends, focus on growth and minimize risk when adopting new technologies, all while balancing the training and process needs of these solutions. For many, these efforts can become overwhelming, and a struggle may ensue to keep up with the competition.

However, many of these issues can be addressed by investing in high-quality BPM solutions to better manage workflow and support productivity.

According to the Mobile Research Council, this year's top IT concerns are managing big data and analysis, mobilizing the business, security, cloud computing deployment and strategy and governance and compliance. With so much riding on the success of IT operations, minimizing risk in each of these areas and driving performance will be critical early on in 2014 - especially considering these concerns are likely to change in 12 months.

Data analysis and security

Two of these trends can be combined to focus on the subject itself - data. Data use is always important, and information itself represents a company's most critical resource. As such, optimizing its use, the protection of data and the efficient management of that data will help firms enhance workflow and drive ROI. Investing in high-quality BPM software can provide the foundation for data strategies such as investing in high-powered analytics or improved management solutions.


Mobile trends are another major concern for companies, and without the right process management solutions in place, handling MDM, BYOD and mobile workspaces can become more than a hassle, but a danger to operational integrity. Deploying mobile BPM solutions can provide the support needed to eliminate these risks and streamline the adoption and control over mobile devices that companies need for success. Better management of the apps that employees use will also drive productivity and security across these platforms.


Perhaps the most important trend for businesses to consider today is the cloud. Cloud solutions drive productivity, accessibility and scalability to keep costs low and improve ROI. However, not all firms are able to easily invest in cloud computing, requiring that they first deploy cloud BPM software to provide the management needed to optimize their entrance into cloud computing. This will help companies organize their data and apps and minimize costs to the service they truly need.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing