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The Top 5 CIO Challenges for 2015

Appian Contributor
November 12, 2014

The Top 5 CIOChallengesfor 2015

Tis the season.

As November hits and we think "my gosh, where did this year go?" they start to show up.

You know them.

You don't want to love them, but you do.

You read them.

You can't help yourself! You just can't get enough ofÖ

Öthe Top-5, Top-10, Top-However-Many List of Whatevers for Next Year! And, for enterprise tech, the story is the same:

Like you, I get pulled in by the Top-X lists for the New Year. And so this year, I compiled one! Here are [drum roll, please]ÖThe Top 5 CIOChallenges for 2015:

    • The 80/20 Rule of Enterprise Technology

Most IT organizations spend 80% of time and resources maintaining, and only 20% innovating. In doing so, the IT organization remains in a constant state of upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting. How can this model address the stirring change that evolving IT developments (like the Internet of Things) will demand? Think about what impact your IT organization could have if everyone could be more strategic. What if the backlog was cleared? What if operations were simplified? In 2015, startdriving more innovation so your organization can stay relevant into the future.

    • Cloud vs. On-Premise

The on-premise vs. cloud computing debate is so 2014. Yes, there are some organizations that need more security. Of course. But in a world where security breaches are becoming more common, it's a fair expectation that cloud security is improving exponentially. Why? It has to. Get more knowledgeable about what cloud deployment truly means today. There may be reasons to maintain your on-premise systems, but the reasons that existed just two or three years ago are out of date. In 2015, understand the benefits of cloud deployment, how it has evolved, and the circumstances by which you'd make the decision to maintain on-premise systems...or not.

    • The Consumerization of Enterprise IT

IT in the workplace used to be so simple. You get a computer preloaded with Windows and Office. You get a phone. You get access to internal drives to store information. But today? It's not so simple. People want to work the way they are comfortable. And with so many choices devices, software, apps workers often install first, and then ask questions if there's a problem. BYOD has emerged in many organizations as a way to address this trend, but it's only a partial solution, and one that can raise other challenges. In 2015, build (or mature) your strategy to address how your organization's workers get things done.

    • Enterprise Mobility

Mobile is a lifestyle. It's largely responsible for the Now-Now-Now Economy where I can get (or do) what I want, precisely when I want. The workplace is just an extension of my life. The lines between work and home have blurred, and I like so many others get work done at all hours. Empower your organization to take full advantage of the mobile revolution that is evolving in front of our eyes. In 2015, make sure everything knowledge workers need is accessible securely, on any device, whenever they feel it is needed.

    • Convergence of Technology

Just ten years ago, enterprise technology had to be complex to be considered good. iPhones did not exist. Social collaboration meant instant messaging. Workflow automation and enterprise portals were all the rage. Today, can you imagine a world without mobile connectivity? Without the inclusive, social nature of modern technologies? Without the convergence of enterprise tech that integrates, leverages, and manages multiple capabilities? In 2015, make sure you have started down the path of digital transformation.

So there you have it. What do YOU think are the top CIO challenges for 2015? What do you need to address?