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Swinging for the Fences with Cloud + Mobile

Staff, Appian
August 22, 2014

It's hard for me not to have baseball on the mind this afternoon. In just a few hours, the hometown Washington Nationals will look to extend their LEAGUE BEST 10-game winning streak against the San Francisco Giants. Hmm, no plans tonight, maybe I head on out to the ballpark.

I'm as equally crazy about the start of football, but baseball in August is pretty fun when your team is in a pennant race.

So what the heck does my fanatic rambling have to do with BPM?

Ever since Appian World 2014, our team has used a common baseball analogy to simplify our Work Platform. During his main stage address, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) CIO William Flowers had one of the best lines of the conference when discussing modern work technologies such as Social Collaboration, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. Said Flowers, "Any one of these technologies allows us to hit singles and doubles, but when I leverage all of these together, we can hit a grand slam."

This was one of the best insights from our annual conference, especially as it pertains to Cloud and Mobile. Both are powerful technologies that dominate much of today's enterprise IT conversation. But are we really leveraging their full value? Often organizations are doing one or the other, by either backing up business critical data to the Cloud or enabling employees to perform business tasks on their preferred mobile device.

But what separates an organization from knocking them over the fence as opposed to just having Warning Track Power is when businesses deploy both technologies together through a single business platform.

Here are three examples of organizations changing the game with Cloud + Mobile:

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

DFW is the world's 8th largest airport in terms of traffic with a total facility covering roughly 27 square miles, making it larger than New York's Manhattan Island. Given its size and more than220 shops/restaurants operating on the campus,DFW needed a better way to manage facility-wide operations across all airport departments. DFW deployed 32 applications in just eight months ranging fromcustomer-facing to back-office functions.Solutions include concessionaire cleanliness inspections, airplane maintenance tracking and reporting, Terminal Mangers providing traveler support on terminal floors, HR functions, report generation/routing, etc. Process automation provides greater agility for DFW operations, while native mobile apps give more than 2,000 DFW employees better access to enterprise processes and data throughout the organization. DFW chose cloud delivery to accelerate the development and deployment of its modern process solutions. DFW CIO William Flowers attributes this success to leveraging SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud/Customer Service) for business transformation.

Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Enterprise Holdings Inc., the largest car rental service provider in the world measured by revenue, employees and fleet, operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental brands and has more than 72,000 employees. Enterprise adopted the Rideshare program to coordinate all customer on-boarding, driver registration/approvals, rate approval/rental transaction, integration with customer-facing web site, and fleet maintenance.Rideshare is run entirely on the Appian Cloud platform enabling collaboration and action on all processes for multi-role and occasional users. In addition, Rideshare leverages a fully mobile experience for sales personnel who are 95 percent field based."We adopted Appian's platform for Enterprise Rideshare because it combines the best of business process management, social business, mobile access and cloud deployment," said Ryan Johnson, Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Holdings. "The result is a truly modern business management platform that supports our objective of providing commuters with a smarter, better way to get to work."

Punch Taverns

Punch Taverns is the United Kingdom's leading leased pub company with a portfolio of more than 4,000 leased pubs. Punch Taverns has established a pub lease management system that removes manual data collection and delivers faster decision making. Appian's Cloud-based Work Platform modernizes all IT processes related to new pub investments and franchise operations and Appian Records centralize pub data, accessible via mobile devices for field workers. Punch Taverns has increased total business capacity without additional internal headcount.In 2011-2012 (prior to using Appian), Punch Taverns was able to support £38M in investments across 400 pubs. Appian enabled increased investments to £48.5m in 476 pubs in 2012-2013."Appian's cloud-based software is very flexible and supports our agile development approach," said Kevin Dalley, IT Director at Punch Taverns. "We were able to trial our first BPM solutions in a matter of weeks. We believe Appian, with its native mobile and social capabilities, will support us in providing the best service for our licensees."

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano