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Sanofi: Loosely Coupled, Tightly Executed Through Enterprise Case Management

Staff, Appian
May 2, 2014

Case management interactions between people, process, data, and content are loosely coupled, dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. Yet the goal is tight execution across all of these dimensions to achieve rapid and positive case resolutions.

kicking-off this morning's customer presentations at Appian World 2014, Pharmaceutical leader Sanofi highlighted its Appian integration of data, collaboration, mobility and process to drive a transition away from point solutions to an enterprise-wide focus on case management. Michael Robbins, Associate Director for Technology and Information at Sanofi, provided attendees with a look into the successes the company has already achieved across its Clinical R&D and Pharmacovigilance business units.

Life science companies operate in an increasingly complex regulatory and business environment. The drug development process and corresponding legal demand for documentation is a long running process requiring significant attention to detail. Sanofi recognized the challenges created by regulatory compliance and knew that employees needed to be more transparent in keeping up with regulations to best serve its customer base.

"There is a huge pressure to be focused on results," said Robbins. "Our customers want transparency in what we deliver."

To address drug development operational challenges, Sanofi introduced a new software application, delivered by Appian, which could access multiple solutions to increase operational efficiencies. Sanofi's Appian platform radically simplifies the way the company addresses case management, allowing them to deliver immediate value to business users, and easily make modifications to when compliance regulations come calling.

"Appian and BPMnow allow us to do risk-based monitoring, letting us make rapid and informed decisions," Robbins said.

Sanofi Business Drivers for Success:

    • Concentrate efforts on providing medical value

    • Ensure the highest scientific quality possible

    • Focus objectives on operational effectiveness

Applications built on Appian can automate a range of end-to-end business processes in the pharmaceutical industry and optimize data quality, compliance, collaboration, traceability, and resource allocation for system maintenance costs. Systems built on Appian lead to the retirement of numerous disparate legacy systems and remove missteps associated with information silos. Innovative pharmaceutical companies are recognizing this value and as a result are using Appian to create mission critical applications that leveragemobile,social, andcloudBPM software.

"Value of real-time metrics with Appian has drastically improved our ability to adhere to pharmaceutical regulations," said Robbins. "In our industry, monitoring compliance and managing the risk is essential."

Appian's enterprise solutions are on the cutting-edge of critical sectors of the life science and pharmaceutical industries:

    • Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance: Appian's software transforms drug safety monitoring by automating all aspects of adverse event (AE) case management and eliminating inefficient manual processing.

    • Regulatory Compliance: Appian's software allows organizations to automate and optimize key business processes and seamlessly connect existing systems such as expense reporting, marketing event management, and HCP sponsorship requests to quickly generate records and reports to detect fraud potential.

    • Clinical Trial Management: Appian's innovative platform helps biopharmaceutical companies and CROs more effectively plan, manage and conduct clinical trials by simplifying workflow and making it easier to collaborate under a single platform.

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano