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Reinvent your office with BPM solutions

Ben Farrell
February 4, 2014

Adopting high-quality business process management software can help companies implement expansive new strategies and reinvent the way they operate on a broad scale. The key is focus new processes through technologies and trends that employees are interested in and can benefit from, aligning innovation with improvement.

Gartner recently performed a study on how BPM can reinvent mobility for firms, helping them work more outside of the office and enhance the coordination and capabilities of their workforce. According to the research firm 50 percent of processes that involve human tasks will require near-real-time responses that are mobile-enabled by 2014.

"Mobile BPM has the potential to transform how work is performed by enabling the participant to drive the activity (for example, intent-driven or goal-driven flows), rather than simply to participate in a predefined, server-orchestrated flow," Bruce Robertson, lead analyst on the report, noted. "Conversely, it also enables the worker to execute highly detailed process steps with less initial training and planning, providing more real-time flexibility and effectiveness in service delivery."

This means that the scope of impact that mobile BPM has on companies is far larger than many realize. The same ideas translate across broad BPM adoption, not just mobile, allowing businesses to refocus their operations towards more efficient workflows and real-time expectations.

The trick to achieving these benefits and more is to adopt the right BPM solutions in the first place. Appian's mobile, cloud and social BPM options offer companies key support across all areas of operations with streamlined access to new technologies and innovative approaches to workflow that can benefit any industry. The right foundation for such growth will help expedite improvement and allow firms to realize the benefits faster.

The primary ROI of BPM software is integrated with the workflow improvements provided by these tools. Making BPM an integral part of operations will allow a business to focus on those improvements more easily, leveraging them for greater growth in other areas and overall optimization of new enterprise trends like mobility, cloud computing, data analytics, and social networking. This optimization will lead toward more innovation and greater opportunity for expanding these benefits beyond the primary areas of adoption in every facet of operations - a benefit many businesses will need to harness in order to truly realize the advantages they are gaining.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications