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Punch Taverns Leverages Appian Technology to Realize the Modern Work Platform

Staff, Appian
May 1, 2014

One of the UK's leading leased pub companies has been running its multi-departmental and collaborative Property Investment process on Appian since 2012. But even with a successful program in place, Punch Taverns has moved beyond BPM to leverage Appian's modern Work Platform.

Appian's integration of process management, enterprise data navigation, native mobility, and social collaboration has delivered a single Work Platform to accelerate smarter decisions and business actions within the organization. Kevin Dalley, Business Process and IT Director at Punch Taverns, discussed his organization's success in the adoption of a modern enterprise solution this afternoon at Appian World 2014.

Though everyone loves a good pub, Punch Taverns faces some challenges that threaten the pub industry. Enterprise pressures exist such as alternative leisure options created by home entertainment systems, preference to socialize in coffee shops or just on social media channels, as well as overall decreased sale of favorite pub beverages.

Punch Taverns has expanded its use of Appian Cloud across the organization. The success of Punch Tavern's Property Investment Processes sparked a 15-month program to look at how process improvement could be leveraged throughout the entire business.Punch Taverns has now deployed subsequent Appian Cloud applications for its processes related to Commercial Leasing and New Lessee On-Boarding, with near-term deployments planned for contracting processes such as Short-Term Agreements.

"With the tools we have available, there is an opportunity to transform business," said Dalley. "Using modern technology, we can operate faster, with increased business results. What we were able to do with Appian completely change our work processes."

Punch Taverns has a portfolio of more than 4,000 pubs, and the company invests heavily in its pubs for lease and relationships with lessee partners. The company's newest deployments utilize Appian's modern work place technologies, reducing business inefficiencies by allowing employees to make better business decisions through agile delivery of lease/lessee data, available on any leading mobile device.

Core elements of the company's business transformation useAppian Records as a CRM solution to centralize pub data, making that data available in the field through native mobility, and surfacing previously manual process events in the Tempo activity stream. Mr. Dalley explained how Punch is radically changing its view of the relationship between enterprise data and business process to achieve the full value of Appian's modern Work Platform.

"Appian Cloud allows us to focus on business innovation, not IT development and support," said Mr. Dalley. "The platform has radically changed how we think about the relationship between enterprise data and business process. As a result, we are finding new and better ways to work that are having a measurable impact on our business performance and our partner experience."

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano