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Mobility a sink or swim enterprise trend

Ben Farrell
February 19, 2014

When it comes to successful and secure adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, businesses are either sinking or swimming, with little room for a middle ground to be found. Success with mobility, BYOD and other trends has eluded many enterprises for various reasons, the biggest being lack of support for actual workflow needs.

The key differentiator between companies that successfully integrate mobile devices with their operations and those that struggle is how these tools are viewed. Firms that still see smartphones as an extension of the email inbox or phone line are holding back their employees from true productivity and efficiency opportunities. In order to kickstart mobile working and start supporting the advantages that can be discovered through mobility, firms need to invest in the right mobile BPM solutions to support apps and devices across the board.

Investing in improved business process management software will provide companies with several benefits. Integration of data between devices, improved collaboration and enhanced support of new apps is just the beginning, businesses will be able to boost their revenues and optimize customer service as well, with the right approach.

According to a recent report from Good Technology, mobile professionals are using more sophisticated apps every day. Few employees use their devices solely for checking email anymore, today workers are funneling all of their communications through their mobile device and, when able, using proprietary apps to perform key functions of their jobs. Enterprise app development has grown as a result, 55 percent during Q4 2013 over the previous year and with continued advances expected.

The main findings of supporting mobility are agility and efficiency. Companies that embrace these efforts with the right BPM software in place to meet their app development needs are able to streamline the deployment of ready-to-use applications, directly impacting employee workflow and productivity while continuously supporting the evolving demands of mobile operations.

Furthering the support of mobility is a trend that many companies have already embraced as well - the cloud.

Cloud BPM solutions, combined with mobile initiatives, can allow companies to influence speed of operations, ensuring instant access to apps, platforms and data wherever an employee is working from. This additional support ensures the flexibility of mobile efforts and allows businesses to expand their efforts easily through the scalability of the cloud. The further firms push these systems, the more opportunities they will provide.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications