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Mobile businesses focus on apps for productivity

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
February 20, 2014

Companies that have embraced mobile BPM and BYOD strategies are turning their efforts toward enterprise app development and use to enhance productivity and drive the benefits of mobility. With app development on the rise, it is important for businesses to embrace the tools that will help them drive productivity and efficiency in these efforts.

According to a report by Good Technology, app activations have risen by 42 percent quarter over quarter with iOS development in the lead at 95 percent, while Android app development showed significant growth toward the end of 2013 as well.

"As we continue to see tremendous adoption of secure enterprise mobility across our customer base, platform diversity remains a key theme," said Christy Wyatt, CEO and President, Good Technology.

The report noted that much of mobile app usage in the enterprise environment has been driven by tablet adoption, but Android smartphone use is also on the rise, having an impact on overall development efforts.

By embracing mobile BPM, businesses can drive several benefits, regardless of the devices or platforms they are using.

Expedite development time

Faster development time means getting mobile apps to the workforce sooner, boosting productivity and ensuring they have the optimal tools for their needs at all times. By investing in high-quality mobile BPM software, companies can optimize app development processes and ensure they are getting the necessary tools to their employees as quickly as possible.

Explore new options

Another benefit to promoting app development and improving mobile process management solutions is the option to try new apps and processes more easily. This allows businesses to continuously optimize their tools while exploring new avenues for growth. For firms with new mobile strategies in place, the right innovation can help drive profits and ROI, ensuring that it meets workflow demands more effectively with the new apps.

Improve productivity for ROI

Of course, the most important factor in mobile BPM strategies is the optimization of productivity for ROI. Businesses will want to see a return on their efforts, whether investing in new technology or changing work processes in slight ways. The right leverage at the foundation of workflow will ensure visibility of these returns and help companies harness them for future growth as well.

BPM solutions provide key support for enterprise change. It is up to a business to optimize its resources around these strategies and the other opportunities available to it.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing