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Make Business Social to Empower Your Workforce

Staff, Appian
December 10, 2014

Social technology in the workplace sometimes gets a bad rap for being, well, too social. Businesses don't want the productivity drain that comes from employees spending work time on their personal Facebook and Twitter feeds. Organizations see no business value there - and they are right.

But forward-looking business and IT leaders know that the point isn't just to "get social." The point is to "get social about the work." Not as a forum to keep up with friends and find the next happy hour location, but as a means to drive dynamic collaboration around business processes and business data.

In fact, far from being a distraction, social is a game-changer for adding value to an organization.

By embracing social technologies that are rooted in work, and implementing their philosophies into your daily business practices, you will empower your employees to work smarter, save time, and better-deliver your products and services to your customers. Modern social business platforms take the benefits of social,such as rapid access, established networks, and transparency, and tie them to actual process and access to key company data and information.

Too often, workplace communication is trapped in email, limited to a few participating parties, cut off from the larger group. Using a modern social interface with the conversation centered on business goals and objectives allows an entire employee base to be more aware and engaged in company-wide initiatives. Such scenarios relate to new client or business wins, project status or pipeline, service delivery, and internal communication of company strategy.

Empower your workforce with social technologies tohelp ensure your business is operating at full efficiency.It's important to embrace today's trends to ignite employee success and keep a leg up on the competition.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager