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eWeek: Appian Mobile BPM Drives Business Success Across Industries

Staff, Appian
April 17, 2014

CEOs and organization leaders now more than ever are adopting a mobile strategy to align with their business. The onset of mobile devices is nothing new. Walk up and down the street or throughout your office, and just about everyone is flashing the latest iPhone, or Android.

What's new is what these leading mobile devices allow us to accomplish when leveraged properly to conduct real work and interact with our colleagues. Armed with just a mobile device and a modern BPM app, company executives, managers and team members are conducting operations and making critical business decisions from anywhere at any time.

eWeek recently featured a slideshow presentation on how organizations across a range of industries are leveraging Appian Mobile technology to see business data, perform operational tasks and drive measurable business growth via mobile devices.

Here are a few examples from the eWeek slideshow on organizations using the latest mobileenhancements to drive business success and customer service:

GSA Public Building Service:The landlord for the civilian federal government uses the GSA Real Estate Exchange (G-REX) application to accelerate property-leasing decisions in the field and responses to federal policy changes in the back office.

Crawford & Company: Crawford & Company deploys its insurance claim adjuster teams to major catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes with mobile devices that use geo-location, electronic forms and multimedia uploads to accelerate claim submissions in devastated regions.

Energy Alloys: A leading provider of metals, services and solutions to oil and gas manufacturers, Energy Alloys uses mobile devices to ensure the safety of its manufacturing facilities. The company's Safety Audit app allows site managers to initiate and complete safety inspections on-site, instead of being tied to an office desktop.

The use case examples above, along with others featured in the slides, experienced mobile success because they followed important guidelines for developing mobile apps. If enterprise mobility is a new concept, and your business is a strong candidate for a mobile strategy, these are the three best practices you must follow:

Write Once, Deploy Everywhere:Application-by-application coding and maintenance of mobile apps across all platforms and devices is just too slow and costly. IT teams need to look at new breeds of application development platforms that enable an application to be written once and will automatically be rendered on the desktop and as native mobile apps simultaneously.

BYOD Shouldn't Be an Issue: Bringing your own device to work, a practice known as BYOD, should never be a problem. In fact, it should be encouraged, as mobile access to data and processes increases productivity and collaboration. An organization's enterprise mobility strategy should take advantage of the BYOD phenomenon not discourage it through a native apps approach that is platform- and device-agnostic.

Real Business Requires Real Data:Enterprise mobility is a powerful tool for maximizing how quickly and effectively real work gets done. But to do real work, employees need access to real data. Sufficient safeguards for mobile data security exist such as secure network communication and authentication. Organizations must align data security policies to give employees access to business records so they can navigate and act on enterprise data while on the go.

In keeping with the theme of mobility, Appian will host a panel discussion, "The Future of Mobile and BPM," during Appian World 2014. Appian's Chief Technology Officer Michael Beckley will moderate this discussion on the challenges, opportunities and future for mobile BPM. Joining Beckley on the panel will be Dr.Chuck Webster, Google Glass Explorer and President EHR Workflow;James Woods, Business Analyst, Bank of Tennessee; andSergo Grigalashvili, VP, Information & Communication Technology, Crawford & Company.

This is sure to be an informative session surrounding a hot industry topic, so make plans now to stay ahead of the mobile revolution by registering for Appian World today...There's still time!

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano