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Embrace cloud BPM to drive adaptability

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
February 11, 2014

Adaptability is a quality most businesses are striving to achieve and demonstrate today. Combining flexibility, scalability and resourcefulness to achieve innovation and the ability to conform to nearly any situation can provide innumerable benefits for a company, as long as it has the support structure to continue meeting operational demands. As more firms look to embrace this quality, both to improve their operations and their reputation, many are turning to the cloud to achieve success.

Cloud business process management software provides the infrastructure needed to support day-to-day tasks, critical processes and occasional demands on workflow that have to be met at any given time. Such advanced tools allow companies to invest further into other trends as well, such as mobility and social networking. However, the main advantage derived from cloud BPM is the increased adaptability to conform to new trends, support traditional practices and bounce between them effortlessly.


The flexibility in processes provided by BPM solutions is one of the greatest assets a business can gain. Not only can a company embrace new processes with ease, but it will be able to migrate legacy solutions to new and improved infrastructure, supporting the mingling of old and new in important ways. These efforts will allow a firm to promote new technologies and trends with ease, integrate them with current practices and see the ROI from these actions more clearly.


The main benefit of the cloud in any capacity is its scalability. The option to invest in exactly what is needed, be it storage, SaaS or communications support, allows businesses to minimize their expenses and optimize their budget for other demands. Taking process management software to the cloud ensures the same scalability in workflow and operations that will help companies adapt to market trends and focus on continuous growth.


The cloud also helps businesses adopt universal accessibility, embracing mobile devices, multi-platform computing and other demands of a modern technological age. Professionals will be able to us the devices, operating systems and applications they are most comfortable with, and optimize their productivity as a result. This will, in turn, advance business processes and ensure that the company is gaining the maximum possible benefit from its employees' workflow.

Cloud BPM offers many other advantages as well, but these line up to promote the adaptability many businesses are looking to achieve today to drive sales, bolster profits and carry them into the next year.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross