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Driving health care with BPM

Ben Farrell
April 3, 2014

BPM solutions are helping hospitals and medical practices across the globe optimize their integration of EHRs and streamline patient care through paperless workflow. The advantages are helping organizations keep their costs down while implementing the software and strategies that are essential for offering the quality of care that people expect from modern health care.

For these facilities, BPM software supports the streamlining of administrative and non-critical processes, which turns into faster turn around on test requests, prescriptions and patient data reports. Furthermore, insurance checks, personal information updates and security measures can all be enhanced through to automation of process management.

Beyond the admissions desk or billing department, BPM solutions also allow medical facilities to simplify the paperwork and "administrivia" that doctors and nurses perform, freeing them up to spend more face time with patients and improve their bedside manner. This quality of attention enhances the atmosphere of the health care center and improves patient peace of mind, which can have an impact on healing.

Ultimately, the deployment of process management strategies in any industry provides significant improvements, but health care BPM solutions help enhance the overall culture of care, healing the sick and injured and satisfying a critical need for every nation in the world.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications