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BPM for Retail: Customer Satisfaction is Key [Video]

Appian Contributor
April 7, 2014

In today's modern work environment, organizations need to be able to track a vast array of data in order to improve performance, collaborate from anywhere and make better decisions.

This is especially true in the retail world, where customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Appian's Business Process Management software solutions can help give retailers a leg up on the competition by:

- Tracking customer service and satisfaction with real-time performance metrics

- Managing the supply chain and enhancing back office operations

- Increasing marketing and promotion effectiveness

- Improving store lifecycle management, including contracting, launch and inspections

- And automating financial processes to reduce errors and compliance burdens while helping to maximize profit

With Appian's mobile BPM, retailers can coordinate projects across hundreds or even thousands of locations, create customized apps to track remote field or retail in-store inspections, provide managers with up-to-the-minute store condition statuses and auto-generate repair work orders.

The benefits of mobile BPM mean retailers will be able to solve problems and respond to needs faster, which in the end, will improve a customer's overall experience.