BPM and the Human Element [Video]

Staff, Appian
October 21, 2014

As a growing number of organizations utilize BPM to help their workers perform more efficiently, it's important that the human touch doesn't get lost in the process.

While BPM platform solutions can help customer service oriented businesses better serve their clientele, companies run the risk of having their front lines be so focused on the operations that they neglect the importance of human interaction. And while BPM solutions can help increase employee productivity, companies should never lose sight of quality over quantity.

Take for example the case of a call center where workers become increasingly mechanical in their responses to customers. This can alienate a caller to the point where they feel as if their customer service rep is just going through the motions and doesn't really care about their needs.

BPM software should act as an extension of client facing workers to help them better serve their customers by having relevant data and information at their fingertips while streamlining mundane tasks. To this end, BPM can help businesses actually spend more quality time with their customers so they can have a better overall experience.

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