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Automation using BPM helps free businesses for growth

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
May 9, 2014

Technology can be a boon or a hindrance depending on how companies approach it, and the only way to ensure growth is to free operations from "technology handcuffs." According to Forbes, this is accomplished by taking a new approach to business process management.

In the 90s, the hot trend was business process reengineering, the news source reported. However, few companies were successful with these efforts because they were also attempting to radically transform their IT systems as well. Many re-engineering processes required significant changes on their own, and paired with renovations of IT operations, it was too much for enterprises to accomplish all at once.

With advanced BPM software today, however, companies can implement automation and development solutions to ease these transitions and boost their ability to re-engineer processes - "freeing" themselves from the technology handcuffs that were present in the 90s. Using the right BPM solution as the platform for automation and transformation will be critical for this success.

From addressing high-value problems to setting the foundation for growth, process management software sets the stage for innovation for businesses in any industry.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing