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Are Distractions Holding You Back?

Jorge Sanchez, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Appian
December 5, 2014

Has this ever happened to you? You get a new idea or assignment for an App, feature or enhancement. You're excited to begin work and then it hits you: before you can even start working on it you feel the need to concern yourself or get sidetracked with distractions:

    • Will it work on all browsers?

    • Will it be mobile enabled?

    • How will it handle upgrades?

    • Will it be secure and perform well?

    • Will it play nice with other systems?

Typical IT Distractions
Typical IT Distractions

Not only that, but the burden of actually maintaining all the other solutions, apps and systems almost makes you feel like you won't have time to add yet another piece to the ever-growing forest of siloed apps.

And yet, nothing else is changing the world as fast or with as big an impact as software. It seems every company is a software company or will revolve around it. We all need to keep the pace or risk being left behind.

Gartner says that 80% of IT Spend is on "dead money," that is, money spent on maintenance and overhead and not necessarily conducive to business growth. What an overhead! From the designer standpoint, this means that we spend more time working on routine maintenance and defensive software measures instead of the new and exciting capabilities that can help take our company to the next level.

Typical IT Distractions Typical IT Distractions

What if you could switch your maintenance and innovation spend? What if you could use a platform that provided a solution to all of these distractions, allowing you to focus on the means to build solutions and grow your business?

At Appian we believe software should be easy. We believe a platform should allow you to focus on what's important for you and leave the distractions, the clutter, out of the equation. With this in mind we created the means for you to focus on reaching your users; for you to provide the functionality they need, no matter where they are or how they want to access it. We created SAIL.

With SAIL, you can design your UIs, reports and rules once and deploy them anywhere without any additional overhead. Want to create dynamic forms? You got it! Need interactive charts? Done! Need to access them from any browser or mobile device? No Problem! Need to make sure you won't break backwards compatibility? I thought you'd never ask!

Where will you SAIL today?

Typical IT Distractions Typical IT Distractions

Typical IT Distractions Typical IT Distractions

Jorge Sanchez