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Appian Sparks Innovation with Online Self-Paced Training Courses

Medhat Galal
September 29, 2014

Appian Training is evolving. Our latest innovation, interactive online courses, will have you mastering technical subjects like a seasoned professional. We are more excited than ever to see our students succeed with this new and exciting content. While in-person, instructor-led training is still our premiere offering, we understand that schedules and travel constraints limit a student's ability to take those classes. And now we have the solution: Appian Academy (

Appian's online courses offer new ways to learn, where the student can learn at their own pace, review lessons as necessary, and have the ability to have one-on-one discussions. Every student may choose to be paired with an experienced Appian instructor who will answer questions and provide practical guidance throughout the duration of the online course.

A single course is designed to help students learn a particular set of Appian topics or features. However, the experience can be a journey that matures from an understanding of Appian concepts to a proficiency in Appian. By choosing from one of the many learning tracks, students can select multiple courses which compliment a student's ability to perform specific project roles. These learning tracks organize the information in a manner that quickly and efficiently provides the student with the Appian skills necessary for project success. Examples of Appian learning tracks include Appian Designer, Appian Integrator, Appian Project Manager, and few others that will come online in the future.

In addition, Appian believes that learning occurs best through doing. In order to achieve proficiency, one must practice and even make a few mistakes along the way. To facilitate the learning-by-doing experience, each student may optionally choose to have an Appian Cloud instance for their exclusive use and even choose to have an instructor available to coach during the course These options allow the student to work in an environment where they have complete control of the system and get coaching of they choose.

Appian Training is dedicated to bringing you the best learning experience possible and will continue to make leaps toward that goal and ensure Appian practitioners get the best education they can anytime and anywhere to achieve higher levels of enablement and success.

Take a moment to explore our new lineup of learning tracks and courses.

To learn more about enrolling in one of our LMS courses, please visit our website or contact us at

-Medhat Galal, Vice President, Enablement