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Transparency in Life Insurance Comes Through Appian Records

Appian Contributor
August 20, 2013

During a recent demonstration of our technology to a large life insurance company, we were asked why a life insurance company would use Appian's records feature when it already has a CRM system. A very insightful question and one we are asked frequently.

As described, life insurance companies likely have many different CRM systems, each serving a need for a functional group. The sales or agency group likely uses to manage customers in the context of product sales. The contact center likely uses policy administration systems to see customers in the context of contract or policy servicing. The billing group likely uses a billing platform to manage customers in the context of payables and receivables.

Yet these systems are generally not flexible enough to show the customer in the context required for that user. Take the regional manager of an agency or brokerage firm. Prior to heading into a meeting with a large customer, the regional manager would like to see a couple things about that customer: premium history, product and policy history, service history, customer survey results, current state needs assessment and recent past communications to the client. The regional manager would likely need to go to 4 if not 5 different systems to collect and assemble the customer view needed to prepare for the meeting, but if the insurer used Appian, this information could easily be pulled into a single record as demonstrated below.

Appian can put the customer in context for the regional manager or any other role in the company by pulling from any number of sources ñ existing siloed CRM systems in-house, document systems, external systems, etc. Even better, this view, any view of the customer can be delivered by Appian separate and apart from any process. Appian believes that data is a first class citizen too.

Evan McDonnell

Vice President of Solutions

Evan McDonnell