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The Evolution of BPM with Appian Co-Founder [Video]

Appian Contributor
July 30, 2013

As a leader in the ongoing growth of business process management software, Appian has seen the industry change a great deal during the past few years.

As co-founder Marc Wilson explains, Appian has set out to help users get work done faster and more efficiently through easy-to-manage interfaces and processes. As new technologies have evolved, so has business process management. The continued growth of mobile and social technologies have made a significant impact during the past few years, and play a central role in improving processes.

These advancements help enterprises overcome challenges they regularly face, such as legacy applications which contain necessary information.

As enterprises continue to evolve, new challenges will emerge. As employees see how quickly adjustments can be made, there will be increased pressure to keep up with the pace of change. That requires companies to be nimble, active and flexible across the business.