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Network convergence movement shows importance of BPM software

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
March 27, 2013

There is a growing movement toward network convergence as IT managers, and business leaders face mounting pressure to use technology to improve operations. This trend toward convergence echoes the broad need for simplicity when it comes to technology and corporate operations. Business process management software can help organizations create this simplicity and gain the strategic advantage they need. When combined, network convergence can ease an organization's IT burden, and BPM software can expand that momentum into business operations.

Considering the role of network convergence

A recent study from Frost & Sullivan and Stratecast found that many organizations have begun to explore network convergence as a way to simplify their network setup and support IT innovation. Many organizations are facing a major dilemma because they have to deal witha growing need to improve their technological capabilities to keep up with competition while navigating increasingly complex environments that can limit their ability to keep up with shifting IT needs. Michael Suby, vice president of research for Stratecast, explained that many organizations are turning to network convergence as a simplicity enabler.

"A driving force of convergence is simplification," said Suby. "Through simplification, obsolete and expensive technologies are retired, moving your business forward without risking the bottom line. Convergence represents a compelling value proposition."

Network convergence can pay dividends for many businesses, but technological upgrades alone are not always enough to improve operations. Instead, companies have to find a way to align IT systems with business processes to create a return on investment. BPM solutions can make this possible.

Using BPM to complement technology upgrades

IT upgrades can help an organization compete with peers. Solutions like network convergence can help companies keep their IT systems as simple as possible. However, all of these efforts are not always enough to generate real business gains. Instead, meaningful process change is often necessary as a central component of getting results from technological investments.

New technologies change data workflows. This can create major operational disruption, especially considering that cloud computing, mobile device use and social media are changing how many business users expect technology to contribute to their work efforts. By implementing BPM software, organizations can take all of the technological gains that come from strategic investments and aim them at specific process pain points. This creates an environment in which organizations can maximize the ROI of their IT spending and simplify the technological and operational side of business functions.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross