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Mobile Processes Boost Innovation [Video]

Appian Contributor
April 10, 2013

As the adoption of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, more and more companies are looking to streamline and simplify their mobile processes to remove obstacles and enable greater flexibility for those working remotely.

Supporting that level of collaboration can improve efficiency while also serving to improve innovation on a daily basis. With the continued consumerization of the workplace, many employees have embraced a mobile attitude and are able to contribute regardless of where they might be.

Allowing remote employees to keep track of key events and take appropriate action enables companies to be proactive in the face of difficulties and challenges, rather than waiting until everyone is back in the office.

Extending the power of business process management systems to mobile devices can also add additional context to the conversation which wasn't feasible before. Remote employees can capture pictures, video or audio from wherever they are and upload them as part of an ongoing discussion. Instead of simply describing an event with words in an email, they can show what they are experiencing and share it.

That added level of clarity can help further improve employees' perspective and improve decision-making throughout the company.

As technologies and processes continue to evolve, the improved efficiency generated by mobile BPM can be a difference-maker that helps improve productivity and employee satisfaction to drive bottom-line results.