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Forrester labels Appian a leader in smart business process applications

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
May 22, 2013

Intelligent and mobile business process management solutions can help companies pursue more effective ways to combine processes surrounding the cloud, mobile and enterprise social systems that are becoming dominant among businesses. As a result, BPM software platforms that enable delivery of intelligent functionality through native mobile apps are uniquely suited to meet contemporary process management requirements. Appian is among the best vendors when it comes to meeting this need, as a recent Forrester Research study marked Appian as a leading vendor in the smart BPM applications space.

The rise of smart process applications

Appian was recognized as part of the The Forrester Wave: Smart Process Applications, Q2 2013 study, which focused on the growing role smart process applications are playing in a variety of sectors. The report analyzed BPM vendors to identify which companies are leading in this space. Appian was at the head of the pack in this area because its worksocialplatform delivers native mobile process applications that helps companies take advantage of emerging technologies.

The study's goal was to identify the vendors that are well positioned to help corporate executives introduce process improvement, allowing them to make more intelligent process-solution decisions by partnering with the right provider for their needs. Appian's ability to support native mobile applications made the vendor stand out in Forrester's eyes, but its cloud solutions could be even more noteworthy. The Appian BPM platform is available with the same functionality in both cloud and premise-based configurations, giving organizations multiple ways to leverage BPM based on their IT and budget needs.

BPM's growing role

Business process management technologies play a larger role in many businesses because new technologies create opportunities for operational innovation. However, taking advantage of these technologies depends heavily on being able to integrate processes to help workers get the job done more effectively.

Matt Calkins, president and CEO of Appian, explained that new technologies are leading to a major shift in how work is accomplished.

"This [changing work environment] is creating new work patterns and new types of business technology solutions, such as Smart Process Applications," said Calkins.

For many businesses, the changes brought on by emerging technologies are happening in multiple directions. From one side, cloud computing is altering how people access apps and data. At the same time, mobile and social solutions are changing how they communicate and perform work tasks. A holistic BPM solution can play an integral role in resolving these issues.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross