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Employee motivation a vital component of BPM success

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
May 17, 2013

Business process management strategies can be disruptive to a workforce. While BPM often leads to considerable revenue gains and productivity opportunities, it can also make workers uncomfortable because it demands they adjust their processes and get the job done more effectively. According to a recent BPM Leader report, this discomfort can pay dividends for employees.

Motivating workers for process innovation

The news source explained that the right kind of pressure can play a vital role in helping workers adjust to process changes and get better at performing their work. Employees whoare too secure often end up becoming complacent and ineffective. These kinds of workers often struggle to deal with process changes and could hold back positive innovation within an organization. Maximizing the value of BPM depends on getting workers to buy into new practices and take advantage of the opportunity to improve operations.

The report said that having an open culture within a company is one of the most important parts of employee motivation. Telling workers how they are doing through regular reviews and meaningful feedback can give individuals insight into what they need to do better, and how they can become more valuable to the organization. This knowledge can provide a foundation that motivates workers to get better because the knowledge can have an empowering impact. When coupled with BPM software investments that give employees tools for process improvement, companies can achieve considerable productivity gains.

Motivating employees to improve is especially vital during the key transformation period,when organizations make process changes, BPM Leader said. This is often a disruptive period that canchallenge workers to either step upand make the strategic changes needed to keep up with the direction the company is traveling, or risk falling so far behind that they fall out of favor. Empowering workers through openness and regular evaluation can make it easier to deal with the disruption that can come with BPM spending.

Understanding the importance of employee motivation

Using BPM software for almost any reason can lead to revenue gains. A short-term plan designed to refine processes can lead to productivity gains. Conversely, BPM software can also allow organizations to support long-term process goals to sustain innovation over time. BPM can also help companies respond to technological change. Either way, BPM can have a wide impact on businesses, but creating that value depends heavily on being able to help workers deal with change. Effective employee motivation strategies can go a long way toward making that happen.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross