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Ease of use leading demand among BPM customers

Ben Farrell
November 4, 2013

Business process management solutions have come a long way over the years, and as technology evolves so too do the needs of enterprises. Today, many firms require enhanced flexibility and high ease-of-use in all of their technologies in order to minimize worker stresses and optimize workflow.

According to IDC, studies show that BPM customers need very specific qualities despite differing industries these tools are being utilized in. Improved task management, portal support, process monitoring and enhanced process modeling are all key considerations when investing in BPM software. If they aren't present in the solutions being used, a firm is minimizing their own chances for success and eliminating potential gains from their future. At the same time, there are other considerations such as the user interface and platforms supported for use that also have to be taken into consideration.

The level of access is a key consideration that all firms have to examine within their BPM software. Cloud BPM solutions offer broader access to remote workers without affecting in-office usability, while mobile BPM encourages use on any device or platform that optimizes productivity. These factors all come together under the flexibility and ease-of-use umbrellas to affect the decisions that these firms make regarding their process management software.

Seeking out the best in flexibility and ease-of-use has pushed many firms to invest in Appian's BPM solutions. According to IDC, Appian has become the go-to choice for high value with ease-of-development, business-oriented architecture, document management and other enterprise needs in financial services, health care, manufacturing, telecom, energy industries and the government sector. These factors all play into ease-of-use, making Appian a best-in-class choice for BPM enhancement.

No company should miss a chance to optimize its operations around critical process management needs, and investing in a high-value, low-cost solution that provides the flexibility and modern enterprises needs is essential. With these being the leading concerns of most businesses, carefully selecting the BPM solution that meets them is critical for optimizing ROI, and firms that make the right choice now will save significantly down the line as these strategies provide sustainable returns. BPM is a necessity of modern operations, and companies cannot afford to skimp on embracing the modern era of operations,

Appian's BPM solutions provide best in class strategies for cloud, mobile and social process management needs.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell