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Communications between people and systems is essential for BPM success

Ben Farrell
November 26, 2013

The optimization of business process management may seem like a lofty goal to some, but the trick to optimizing processes and the benefits of high-quality BPM software is simple - communicate.

When it comes to process management software, companies have to consider the effect such investments will have on their employees and other systems. This is particularly true in sectors where these tools will be used to drive process automation. For many firms, boosting communication between employees, as well as between the systems that BPM solutions will affect, is a critical part of success with these deployments, and will alter the end result significantly.

Personnel communications

In terms of people, communicating BPM software investments can be as simple as ensuring everyone is properly trained in the use of these tools, or extended to include customization and personalization of the solutions to help professionals optimize their own workflow on an individualized level. The amount of effort that has to go into this is determined by a company's unique needs and its expectations for how these tools will function.

One trick to optimizing employee communications when it comes to BPM strategizing is to organize teams to focus on specific operations or training tasks. Teamwork will boost interpersonal communications and help employers impart information faster and more conveniently to workers. This approach can also boost teamwork and collaborative efforts for additional benefits.

System communications

Getting systems to talk to each other is a bit more difficult for some firms, especially in isolated areas of operations. Some companies may consider investing in the technologies to integrate their production and IT networks, but this isn't always necessary. Optimizing workflow around BPM tools can help businesses focus their efforts on the optimization of different departments, getting networks on the same page so that process management solutions don't have to be customized per department, but rather processes are standardized so that the same solution works across the board.

Ultimately, any efforts to automate or improve business processes through proper management solutions can lead to significant returns. Firms that invest wisely will be able to focus their efforts on cost reduction and performance improvements, while seeing the benefits multiply though increased employee collaboration and other benefits. BPM solutions don't just make a minor change to operations, they can have wide-ranging influence on how a company performs as a whole, and provide significant gains as a result.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications