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Cloud BPM Offers Diverse Opportunities to Increase Business Success

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
September 11, 2013

Business process management solutions are a key resource for enterprising companies in today's markets. However, as more firms invest in BPM software, the need to optimize those solutions grows. In order to maintain a competitive edge and focus on growth as a whole, firms may need to invest in improved BPM solutions to maintain their momentum.

One of the key opportunities within the BPM space is the cloud. Cloud BPM software, or SaaS, offers advantages over traditional BPM solutions in many ways. The key to success with BPM solutions is their ability to facilitate change, and according to Datamonitor, the cloud offers this factor more than traditional software solutions.

With the cloud offering more diverse opportunities to enhance business intelligence, resource planning and a host of other enterprise needs, it makes it the perfect option for BPM as well. The evolving demands of doing business require companies to adapt quickly and efficiently - a critical feature of cloud services. Ultimately, there are three main opportunities that embracing cloud BPM will provide innovative firms willing to invest.

Improved automation

Automation is a common feature of BPM software, but not all tools are built equally. The cloud offers scalability, flexibility and ease of access that promote less manual time spent on a process and helps ensure that automation processes are performed properly the first time. However, as process modeling is an inherently collaborative effort, the cloud also helps professionals work together more efficiently when needed.


One of the key features of any cloud solution is ease of integration. Being able to make these tools work well in various systems and environments is critical for optimized workflow, and cloud BPM will enhance integration with various systems, third-party processes and other factors that have to be considered with BPM.

Constant growth

Businesses want to grow at a steady, constant pace, but physical technology and solutions can often limit this. With cloud BPM an enterprise will never be held back, and can in fact foster growth by integrating analytics and other tools with the solutions to adapt more quickly to new demands and trends.

Rather than be held back by less effective BPM solutions, companies should embrace the tools that will enhance their operations and provide the foundation for flexible, optimized change at every point in the process cycle. With cloud-based BPM SaaS, these advantages are easily achieved.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing