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Clear requirements key for BPM

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
April 30, 2013

Sales can be a major challenge for many organizations, but sometimes it is more difficult to be the buyer. Organizations trying to purchase a new solution have plenty of challenges ahead of them, because choosing the right option could determine the long-term success of any project. However, choosing the right product depends heavily on being able to understand the company's needs and find the right match. Sometimes, self-evaluation is the most difficult type of assessment to complete. A recent BPM Leader report explained that corporations striving for business process management success have to understand their own requirements in order to maximize the value of their investments.

Understanding the requirements that drive BPM investments

The first thing organizations have to consider is how process changes will impact their day-to-day operations. According to the news source, many organizations develop process strategies that sound great in theory, then have unintended consequences that lead to productivity problems or make them unrealistic in everyday operations. Analyzing processes in a meaningful way can help organizations develop the best processes possible and properly asses how they will function in production. Completing this type of assessment is integral to creating an accuratedescription of requirementsfor BPM software investments.

What to include in requirements documentation

One of the most important things to put into a requirements document is the goal of the BPM project. The report said that goals should be clear, measurable and objective. This ensures that they can be tracked and evaluated as the project progresses, allowing them to provide meaningful insight into how the BPM solution is paying off.

The news source added that organizations also need to avoid getting blown away by technology to such an extent that business leaders focus on the tech and not on what they can get done by using the BPM platform. Maximizing the value of BPM investments depends on being able to focus on processes and how the technology will help workers fulfill operational requirements more efficiently.

Focusing on requirements

It does not matter if a company is looking for a cloud, enterprise social or mobile BPM solution, the importance of requirements are the same throughout. BPM involves aligning technologies and operations to maximize business functions. Knowing exactly what the technology needs to accomplish is vital to supporting this alignment. As a result, requirements documentation is among the most vital entry points to any BPM plan.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing