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BPM software helps drive innovation in the workplace

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
August 15, 2013

Optimizing business process management may not seem like the most effective way to boost innovation and foster positive thinking, but many companies are finding it to be greatly beneficial. According to The Wall Street Journal, the "creation and effective use" of new ideas in the business space is becoming increasingly entwined with BPM. To this end, utilizing a high-quality BPM. solution can boost a firm's ability to foster these benefits and boost overall efficiency, along with the myriad other advantages that a BPM suite provides.

With BPM solutions integrated with operations, many firms will begin to see growth and improvement in expected areas immediately. Enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs and other advantages commonly associated with process management are obvious, but other, more subtle bonuses will become apparent if a firm is looking for them.

Freeing up employee imagination

Process management software integrates productivity boosting and automation to help employees have more time during the workday to focus on mission-critical tasks, rather than administrative and other basic tasks. This allows professionals to spend more time doing true work, it also helps them think more about the job they are doing and perhaps implement their own, unique strategies to enhance productivity or change the way they work for the better. This self-reliant innovation is the basis for overall improvements to workflow and general operations that companies have to harness to spread that imaginative boost across the board.

Advance training

In addition to freeing up workers to spend more time focusing on their jobs, BPM software helps them find more time to advance their careers through training and other initiatives. Improved education in the industry will help professionals approach problems in new ways and breed innovation on a broad scale for any company, while allowing employees to feel greater job satisfaction and the potential for advancement.

Leading through example

Ultimately, most businesses' goals are to become a leader in their field. Boosting operations and employee expertise through training and BPM investments that enhance innovative thinking will provide an edge in thought leadership that will enhance a company's reputation and, as a result, its position against competitors. This serves to increase revenues and much more, while making work processes more efficient, rather than pushing employees to work to the point of exhaustion for the same gains.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing