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BPM key to successful analytics adoption

Ben Farrell
July 2, 2013

Many businesses are investing in analytics solutions to address big data and other workflow needs today. However, these tools require improvements across several areas of operations that can be best achieved with improved business process management (BPM).

According to Forbes, every business is constantly on the lookout for new tools and techniques to enhance workflow and give the firm a competitive advantage. BPM software provides companies with those advantages that can be applied to many future endeavors, such as the adoption of data analytics solutions. Between cloud services and other big data solutions, firms are able to embrace these trends quickly and efficiently with high-quality BPM solutions to tie them together.

One of the most popular solutions for adopting analytics is Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS). However, according to the news source the main challenges that have to be overcome to succeed with these tools are: streamlining service, keeping pace with competitors and overcoming complexity. BPM software helps firms meet these risks head on and ensure that their analytics solutions fit neatly with other business processes.

Integrating service

By using cloud BPM solutions to integrate analytics with other areas of operations, businesses gain all of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to overcome the challenge of migrating to this new service. Data usage is a critical part of modern enterprise operations, and if the tools a firm adopts don't mesh with its current practices, it will only hurt its growth.

Expediting adoption

Ensuring that the implementation of analytics solutions is swift and reliable is essential to success. If a firm stumbles during adoption, it can slow down overall workflow, which in turn can cause the company to fall behind the competition and lose a significant edge that the BAaaS tools were meant to add. By implementing high-quality business process management software first, a company can keep all of its ducks in a row and ensure a smooth transition to the new tools that doesn't slow down or interrupt operations.

Overcoming complexity

The issue that can present the biggest challenge for analytics adoption, however, is the increased complexity these tools can add to business processes. Appian BPM software allows firms to mitigate that complexity and ensure that, regardless of what the analytics tools themselves do, other areas of operations aren't affected and that employees are still able to maintain strong workflow.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications