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Boost Collaboration Socially [Video]

Appian Contributor
July 26, 2013

In the increasingly competitive workplace, swift and efficient collaboration can determine success. However, supporting the necessary quality interface for this communication creates its own challenges.

Social and mobile technologies are changing customers' expectations, and bring-your-own device policies are growing in popularity as remote work increases. Meeting these challenges requires modernizing the functionality of many corporate IT systems.

Intelligent business process management solutions combine the best of work structure and coordination tools with innovative social collaboration woven throughout. Intuitive social interfaces accelerate employee engagement with new IT systems. When that interface delivers all the data, processes and collaborations employees need to do their jobs, everyone can rapidly contribute to a project discussion, track progress, and turn personal knowledge into organizational knowledge.

Employees are able to upload files and rich multimedia content directly to the network to facilitate conversations. The ability to assemble a broad range of perspectives and data on a problem in the moment of decision makes group project development faster and more organic. This is how social accelerates real-time decision-making. Businesses are better outfitted to take advantage of the constantly evolving market and are able to access key players in the decision-making process at all times.

There's no need for the group to wait for everyone to return to the physical office when their business platforms provide instant, anywhere connectivity.

Deliver a more consistent customer experience and increase corporate productivity across departments for more agile business practices. Using enterprise software with an integrated business and social perspective can help boost the success of project delivery and help organizations manage their processes effectively.