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Automation a key part of mortgage processing

Ben Farrell
August 30, 2013

As the big data trend hits businesses in all sectors and the need for speed and efficiency grows, many financial institutions are experiencing high demand for improved process management software and related solutions.

BPM for financial services can be a critical piece of the puzzle for many firms looking to automate specific areas of operations, such as mortgage processing. With automation comes a certain level of improvement that helps professionals focus on the people they are working with and providing a service to, rather than the processes that make up their jobs. This improves overall customer relations and efficiency in the workplace without drastically altering the way a firm does business.

According to Business 2 Community, mortgage processing in particular involves from 100 to 200 document types, large teams of workers and numerous steps that have to be completed in a timely manner. With a large amount of information to be collected and used, this makes it a stressful, time consuming process. However, through automation many of these steps can be done by a computer, freeing up professionals to focus on the more critical parts and optimize their workflow for the client's benefit.

Embracing automation through BPM software can provide several benefits. Firms will see a reduction in service bottlenecks, lost information, data entry errors and the overall cost of processing while improving the overall speed of searching for documents, processing them and the approval process itself. This will open up more opportunities for scrutiny as well, to ensure the best possible outcome for the firm and its clients.

In addition to automation of mortgage processes, however, investing in a BPM suite can provide a broad spectrum of benefits for financial institutions. Increased efficiency in overall operations, a renewed focus on service delivery over actual workflow and optimized quality of that service will all provide businesses with increased ROI and revenues over time.

Ultimately, investing in a BPM solution and related tools is a smart move for any enterprise looking to boost productivity and employee efficiency. In the financial sector this relates to reduced cost of operations and improved service, which will translate into increased profits down the road, but the technology itself is vital for businesses in any industry looking to get ahead in a secure and streamlined manner.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell