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3 reasons to invest in cloud BPM

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
November 14, 2013

BPM software provides significant benefits to enterprises looking to optimize their operations. Traditional business process management solutions help to enhance efficiency, drive productivity and support automation efforts, bringing companies full circle to refocus their workflow on growth. In order to double up these efforts and streamline improvements, however, firms need to carefully consider the additional advantages that embracing cloud BPM solutions can provide.


One of the key factors in optimizing BPM efforts is carefully selecting a solution based on the scope, size and degree of interrelation of processes. Cloud BPM delivers scalable and flexible operations so as to make adjusting the scope and size of these efforts on the fly easier. This will keep costs low while ensuring that companies have the support they need. Driving efficiency while providing key support for workflow will lead toward stronger operations overall and keep overhead low so that firms can focus on adapting for future trends as well.


Cloud solutions also provide key BPM support for businesses trying to advance their operations down the road. Initial BPM investments may be tentative, and as such need to be expanded later on. Cloud BPM will ensure that a business can do so with minimal effort due to the scalability of these features. From access to the number of processes managed through BPM software, a company will be able to adapt and change support as needed for everyday operations or special projects that may require additional resources.


The close interplay between systems that are supported by cloud BPM is also a critical component of enterprise success with these tools. Firms that invest intelligently in BPM solutions will be able to integrate processes with stronger support and reduced effort that can lead to slower introduction of these changes. This will keep workflow at constant improvement, rather than creating a slow period before growth. Businesses have to optimize their workflow for the expected and unexpected, and being able to adapt faster for potential alternations to process order that could require certain tasks to be halted or shifted to work more closely with different aspects of operations.

From cost savings to improved efficiency, cloud BPM provides many advantages for companies that are looking to better support workflow with high-quality process management. Firms just have to be aware of how these solutions will improve operations in order to better leverage the benefits.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng