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What s New in Appian Academy's Social Business Process Management Training: Online Courses and Worksocial Basics

Jed Fonner
October 5, 2012

We are always working to enhance Appian Academy social business process management training options for our customers and partners. Appian Academy quickly builds BPM skills, improves employee productivity and maximizes the value of a business process management program through our comprehensive custom and instructor-led BPM courses on Appian products, methodology and certification at affordable prices. In addition to our existing on-site and on-demand options, we have developed two new exciting offerings: live online training and a new course to introduce Appian users to the basics of creating and using worksocial applications.

On October 18, we'll be offering the first online "Appian Business Essentials" class. Business Essentials covers an extensive overview of the Appian platform, and dives into some of the basic capabilities for Business Uses, Project Managers, and Managers. It is the ideal way for beginners to get introduced to Appian technology.

In the 4-hour online session, participants will work with an Appian instructor to get the fundamentals on using an Appian application and navigating the Appian environment - both on the web and on mobile devices. After an hour break for lunch, we'll return for two hours of open Q&A while participants explore the Appian environment on their own.

Register here for the online Appian Business Essentials class.

Our other exciting announcement is that Appian Academy will offer a two-day "Worksocial Application Fundamentals" class starting on October 15. This class, held at Appian HQ, will illustrate how to create a social business process management and native-mobile basic application. Although we will be dealing with next-generation capabilities, we're going to keep it simple. The class is open to everyone in the Appian community, regardless of experience level.

You have to get hands-on to really appreciate the power of social and mobile BPM. To get the most benefit from the class, please bring one of the following mobile devices with you so that we can install the Appian Application on your device: iPhone, Android, Blackberry or iPad.

Register here for the Worksocial Application Fundamentals class.

You can learn more about Appian Academy offerings on our Training page. I hope to see you online or in-person at an upcoming class!

- Midge Haymann, Senior Technical Instructor