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Realizing Intelligent Business Operations with BPM Software

Ben Farrell
January 5, 2012

Gartner's Jim Sinur recently predicted that 2012 will be "The Year of Intelligent Business Operations (IBO)," and stated that Intelligent Business Process Management Software (iBPMS) is the central enabling technology. Appian customers are among the vanguard of "leading edge organizations" Jim mentioned that are making IBO a reality today. This is because the innovations Appian has pioneered (Mobile BPM, Social BPM, Cloud BPM, real-time event architecture, in-memory analytics, extreme ease-of-use) are all crucial components to enacting an IBO strategy.

Click here to read a paper by Appian Principal Consultant Glenn Smith on "Intelligent Business Operations: BPM & Analytics in the Event-Driven Enterprise."

Gartner first outlined the tenets of IBO in a mid-2011 report called "The Trend Towards Intelligent Business Operations." The report says, "Intelligent business operations are a style of work in which real-time analytic and decision management technologies are integrated into the transaction-executing and bookkeeping operational activities that run the business. Intelligent business operations are becoming increasingly practical because of the growing amount of data generated by sources inside and outside the company, and because of the wide availability of software tools to process that data immediately."

To be sure, comprehensive IBO requires more than an iBPMS exclusively. But by combining process, events, data and analytics, masking their collective power and complexity behind a simple social interface, and making it all universally accessible on any device platform, Appian gets you further down the IBO road than any other technology. And not just farther - we get you there faster, too. The rapid and broad BPM user adoption enabled by Mobile and Social is complimented by the delivery speed made possible by Cloud BPM and Appian's drag-and-drop, zero-code development/composition.

Companies that have been using Appian software for years are evolving to programs and use cases that look exactly like Gartner's IBO vision. We're also finding that Mobile/Cloud/Social is helping "BPM newbie" organizations leap-frog to cutting edge deployments much more easily than in the past. Read Glenn's article for a more thorough examination and some food-for-thought on what IBO might look like in your organization.

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications