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Is Something Missing from Your Social Life?

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
June 8, 2012

Does your social life feel empty, lacking meaning, without purpose? Can you clearly communicate the value of your social investments?

No...I'm not referring to your personal social life, or those consumer social tools that we all use so much (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It's those internal business social tools. The ones so many thought would generate new business ideas and increase collaboration across departments; that would excite your employees and break down barriers.

Unfortunately for many, there is still an empty space that must be filled in their Social Business Software life, and it is Work. Social Business Software can't forgo the reason we all have jobs. The reason we arrive early each morning and stay late each night. It is ourcumulativework, our actions, our business processes that drive an organization forward to a shared goal. Can Social Business Software be successful if left disconnected from our work? Does it not just become another disconnected collaboration stream, like email?

What businesses need is "Work" and "Social" married seamlessly in one environment. A platform that works the way people work - "Socially". And a platform that keeps our eye on the ball, doesn't let things fall through the cracks, and helps drive our "Work".

What we need today is a "Work Social"platform.

Appian has had a mixed history that contrasted between driving work and social behavior inside an organization. On one side we have delivered one of the world's largest corporate intranets that drives social collaboration for over 2 million users. On the other side, we delivered a world class Business Process Management platform that drives structured processes across global organizations. Marrying these can be a challenge, but it is what leads to client success. We've pioneered marrying these concepts in a modern web platform over a decade ago and continue to stay ahead of the pack with the latest Social and BPM features that customers want. We believe this is the future of not just Social Business Software, but all enterprise software. "Work Social" will replace ERP, it will replace CRM, and it will replace SBS, and BPM. "Work Social" is asingle environment, social enabled, that integrates our systems, devices, and processes to drive all aspects of business operations and collaboration.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross