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Cloud computing enabling organizations to extend the range of their data centers

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
November 9, 2012

Organizations in every sector, from government to manufacturing, are facing considerable challenges trying to keep up with changing IT trends. Cloud computing is rising as an integral solution for many companies, and the need for the cloud is increased by the rise of mobile computing. While these technologies have a major positive impact on operations, they can make life difficult for IT departments trying to maintain everything internally. Turning to third-party cloud services allows organizations to expand their data footprint and better support ongoing operations.

Cloud computing as a way to expand data center services

Using the cloud to expand data center capabilities is becoming a key capability for many organizations. This is especially clear in government, where IT and budget resources are severely limited but service delivery requirements are growing. This is evident in the case of one county government in Oregon, which recently used the cloud to overcome a major data center and staffing limitation, Computerworld reported.

Staci Cenis, IT project manager for the county government, told the news source that the organization had been running a complex IT setup to meet a specific service demand. When the solution was established, it worked extremely well. The two administrators who set it up understood how to manage the technology effectively and were able to maintain it well. But both of those leaders left the organization and nobody who remained could manage the system. The government body eventually overcame this by turning to the cloud, which enabled them to improve operations while simplifying their IT setup as a whole.

BPM solutions overcome cloud challenges

While cloud computing offers organizations a prime opportunity to expand IT without creating data center complexity, there is an underlying layer of complexity when it comes to integrating diverse cloud options. Business process management software can play a major role in solving this problem by enabling organizations to integrate their various cloud solutions automatically and provide context for the data that reaches end users. This enables organizations to get the most out of their cloud investments by ensuring they lead to positive business results.

BPM software can integrate the cloud with social and mobile technologies as well, allowing companies to keep pace with operational shifts and employee demands.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing