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Appian finds place in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Ben Farrell
October 8, 2012

Gartner has placed Appian in the Magic Quadrant for the Intelligent Business Process Management Software industry. The Magic Quadrant is a designation used by Gartner to identify businesses or technologies that are well positioned to lead the industry. With the rise of intelligent business operations, the need for sophisticated business process management software is becoming acute. Gartner has identified Appian as one of the key leaders in the industry when it comes to meeting this need.

Importance of BPM

Business process management is an essential need for organizations focused on improving operations, especially in terms of making the most of available technologies. But as intelligent business operations gain leverage, BPM is also becoming intelligent. Appian is helping lead the charge in this innovation. Matthew Calkins, president and CEO of Appian, explained that the solution provider's advanced BPM solutions provide for current and future performance requirements.

"Appian delivers a unique combination of industry-leading features that drive real business value," said Calkins. "Our worksocial technology that combines modern features from BPM, enterprise social and native mobility, delivers a universal process and collaboration environment. In combination with our real-time events and analytics and in-memory reporting, Appian clearly leads the market in next-generation BPM technology."

Rise of iBPM

Intelligent BPM is emerging as a new evolution of the BPM industry, as the solution provides the necessary capability to handle the requirements of emerging technologies through next-generation functionality. Gartner defined iBPM as solutions offering all of the capabilities of traditional BPM software along with functionality to support intelligent business operations. The Appian BPM platform is specifically designed to meet this requirement. This is accomplished through a user-friendly social interface, portable cloud capabilities and native mobility.

Broad BPM benefits

Businesses can use BPM in a variety of ways. Taking full advantage of the technology often requires carefully analyzing operational requirements and strategically aligning the deployment to meet process-related needs. However, a broad view of BPM showcases its capacity improve operations. BPM offers companies an opportunity to align cloud, social media and mobile functionality. In an enterprise world that is increasingly dependent on these technologies, BPM can play a vital role in improving corporate functionality. This enables organizations to not only improve productivity, efficiency and revenues, but also enhance customer service capabilities.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell