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Announcing Appian 7

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
November 29, 2012

The latest release of Appian's business process management software.

We at Appian are excited to announce Appian 7 and invite all our customers, partners, and Appian Forum members to learn more about this release in an upcoming webinar. Appian 7 expands the boundaries of BPM, deeply integrating social and mobile capabilities to drive participation in more effective business processes, and faster, more informed business decisions.

Appian's seamless combination of work automation, social collaboration and mobile access delivers unique worksocial capabilities. Worksocial surpasses the value of both traditional BPM technology and newer Enterprise Social platforms by weaving social collaboration into core business processes across all enterprise applications. Appian 7 provides the enterprise-wide platform organizations need to integrate social business software and mobile technologies into new and intelligent business processes that drive internal efficiency and exceed customer service expectations.

Key features in Appian 7 include:

    Complete BPM Suite: Appian is the only BPM platform to include all the components needed to rapidly deliver process improvement. Appian's tightly integrated capabilities (including process modeling, business rules, forms, content management, reporting, identity management, integration, and social collaboration) work seamlessly together for simple administration and management

    Social Collaboration: Appian's zero-training social interface drives process participation, effective collaboration and faster business action. Appian 7 enables a number of key social features including:

      • Following users and process events in a user's activity stream

      • Creating "Social Tasks" for ad-hoc work assignments and collaborations

      • Sharing "Kudos" to publicly recognize achievements and accomplishments

      • Sending direct messages for both private and public conversations

      • Collaborating in a social activity stream around process events and user updates

    Native Mobile Access: Appian 7 allows access to key tasks, collaborations, and actions from today's leading mobile devices - with no additional development or maintenance costs for mobile apps. Native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices deliver a responsive interface for users to stay connected to their enterprise wherever they are..

    Real-Time Process Intelligence: Appian 7 ensures that all employees have the data they need to make better business decisions, and also drives predictive analytics for automated intelligent routing. Appian's real-time process architecture streams data to dashboards and event feeds in context with business rules that monitor and enforce all aspects of a process. With highly flexible reports, access to all process data, fast rule processing, and unmatched scalability, Appian's architecture uniquely delivers on the promise of real-time process intelligence.

    Rapid Application Development: Simple BPMN modeling, collaborative design, a repository of reusable components, and fast one-click deployment enables rapid time-to-value for Appian BPM applications. No other BPM platform is as easy to install, use, manage, and deploy. With the proven ability to scale to millions of users, Appian is ready to accelerate your BPM initiative from initial deployment to enterprise roll-out in record time.

    Flexible Deployment Models: The entire Appian 7 Suite is available for on-premise or cloud deployment. Appian Cloud is the BPM market's most widely used complete cloud BPM suite, providing a low-risk solution for BPM deployments, with full portability of solutions between on-premise and cloud installations.

    Compatibility: Appian 7 remains backwards compatible with processes, reports, integrations, and user interfaces developed on Appian 6. This allows Appian customers to quickly upgrade existing systems to take advantage of a new social interface and mobility features.

Customers, partners, and Appian Forum members are encouraged to register for our December 18th or 19th Appian 7 product introduction webinars.

Malcolm Ross

VP, Product Marketing