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Financial Services Execs: Learn About Mobile and Social BPM at the FSOkx BPM Innovation Forum

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
October 3, 2011

Judging by our new client acquisitions so far this year, financial services continues to be a hot market for BPM software. It makes sense because the financial sector requires significant process transformation in order to come to terms with current market drivers, from fiscal constraint to compliance issues and increased customer empowerment. BPM for financial services is a key lever for all of this, and for driving new growth opportunities. Still, many financial services institutions (FSIs) are just coming to grips with how to use BPM most effectively. If your company is among them, you should get yourself to the Yale Club of New York (50 Vanderbilt Avenue) this Wednesday, October 5 for the 2nd Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum, hosted by FSO Knowledge Xchange.

The event is dedicated to helping financial firms take that next step forward in defining and automating processes across the organization. This premier gathering for the financial services industry (banking, insurance, and capital markets) brings together industry experts, senior decision-makers, and thought leaders to share their insights and best practices in an environment that encourages participant interaction and networking.

Malcolm Ross, our Director of Product Management, will deliver a Thought Leadership session on "Business Agility through Social and Mobile BPM." Social BPM has the potential to significantly streamline processes, and for a generation raised on near real-time communication tools such as Facebook, the ability to easily collaborate with others inside the organization as well as external partners is an intuitive way to work. Mobile BPM is a key requirement for getting financial services executives and field personnel to participate in process, making better decisions and keeping business moving based on real-time, actionable data.

Our customer AGF Trust will also be on the agenda. John Jarrett, AGF Trust Director of BPM, will participate in an Industry Leaders Perspective panel on "Best Practices for Getting BPM Right the First Time." The discussion will focus on deriving the most value from BPM investments. John is a veteran BPM practitioner leading a high-value BPM program that touches all of the company's major product lines across multiple departments.

For more information on BPM for financial services, read our white paper on "Transforming the Financial Customer Experience with BPM Software."

Hope to see you in New York!

- Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications