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Appian Wins Financial Services Excellence Award for BPM Software Solutions

Ben Farrell
June 14, 2011

Appian has received a very prestigious award in recognition of our solutions for financial services organizations. FSO Knowledge Xchange has given us their 2011 Excellence Award in the "Business Process Management Solutions" category. Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) have long been in the vanguard of BPM software adoption. Our financial services solutions cover a broad range of key industry-specific process areas. FSO named us the premier vendor for financial services BPM solutions based on our ability to deliver transformational value that makes financial organizations more nimble and successful in today's hyper-competitive and increasingly-regulated financial markets.

Process improvement is crucial for FSIs. These organizations have processes that are highly-complex, that deal with personal financial data that must be secured, that are subject to strict and constantly-evolving regulation - and that must appear simple and seamless to customers across a range of communication channels. Appian's BPM software and pre-built solutions help FSIs modernize their infrastructure for greater flexibility and increased control. The up-shot is a better ability to take advantage of new growth opportunities (through enhanced customer intimacy, visibility into up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, faster introduction of new products and services to market, etc.) and more agility to deal with on-going regulatory challenges and evolving customer expectations.

To get a better sense of why FSO gave us their industry award, download our white paper on "Driving Financial Organization Transformation through Business Process Management."

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications