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Healthcare experts take on ACM - "Case Management System Design Challenges"

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
August 9, 2010

It's great to see all the discussion on Case Management. As Craig Le Clair and Connie Moore from Forrester put it last December, this truly is an Old Idea that is Catching New Fire. Not many people would have predicted that "Case Management" would have received this much discussion 2 years ago, but the rapid convergence of social "un-structured" work with business process management has forced many people to consider new flexible solutions.

The latest post on this topic is from psHealth, a company with real experience applying Case Management solutions to the Healthcare industry. The topic centers around "Case Management System Design Challenges", which is a great follow-on to some previous posts on "The Technical Case for Case Management".

psHealth states

"Based on our experience there are 5 key challenges that must be addressed when designing a case management software:

    • Poorly defined processes

    • Multiple service lines

    • What to do with all the paper?

    • The man vs machine debate

    • Data Integration.. sorry but it really is the future"

There are some great words of wisdom in here if you are exploring case management, and I can't agree enough with the last point on Data Integration. Data Integration and Master Data Management (MDM) seems to be on a collision course with BPM and Case Management. I expect to see some great innovation in this area over the next 2 years.

Malcolm Ross

Director Product Management