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Gov 2.0 Comes to Life Through BPM

Appian Contributor
August 5, 2010

White House

Over the past couple of years, the concept of Gov 2.0 has grown beyond being an emerging trend to becoming a defining strategy that makes government more open, transparent and more effective. This was further underscored by the White House's push for "Transparency and Open Government" memo that aims to enhance collaboration, participation and innovation in government.

So, then what exactly is Gov 2.0? Mark Drapeau, Gov 2.0 advocate and thought leader, recently defined Gov 2.0 in a blog post leading into the inaugural Gov 2.0 Expo. Here is what he said:

Gov 2.0 is about changing the status quo of government in various ways. What are those ways? They include but are not necessarily limited to: innovation by government, transparency of its processes, collaboration among its members, and participation of citizens.

As you can imagine, the idea of improving government via innovation and transparency of processes caught the attention of the BetterGov editorial team.

Along those lines, Craig Newmark, creator of, has been speaking lately about government transparency initiatives needing to be raised up in the mainstream media ñ beyond the Beltway. We agree that there needs to be more awareness around the administration's transparency initiatives, and new innovations could help better bring these efforts out of the shadows.

What is really happening now is that Business Process Management (BPM) is not only giving Gov 2.0 the processes and discipline it needs to make it more efficient, effective and transparent, but also making government more effective overall. This innovation allows government agencies to better meet new transparency standards ñ making Gov 2.0 actionable and real ñ and thus creating a bigger story to capture the mainstream media's attention.

The combination of administrative directives for more openness with the rise of Gov 2.0, and an enabling technology such as BPM, has created a platform for a more innovative government that can better serve citizens.

Gov 2.0 comes to life through BPM!