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Dept. of Treasury/OCC Embraces Mission-Critical BPM

Ben Farrell
November 23, 2010

Yesterday, we announced a new Appian contract with the Dept. of Treasury/Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The $10M contract targets improvement of OCC's core, mission-critical process for submission and processing of paper-based licensing and regulatory filings U.S. commercial banks submit to the OCC. The resulting CATS solution (Central Application Tracking system) will help ensure the safety of our national banking system.

That's an initiative that should be welcome news to every U.S. citizen. It also demonstrates how use of BPM software is evolving in the federal government. Initially, agencies used BPM to target process improvements "at the edges." Things like HR on-boarding and correspondence management. Now, BPM is being embraced for what it can do right at the heart of an agency's core mission.

The BPM fire is growing in the government becauseapowerful yet easy-to-use BPM technologyaddresses the central mandates of the Obama administration for how government should operate: transparently, efficiently, with strong oversight, and utilizing new technologies for collaboration and cloud computing.

By the way, this new OCC deal is in addition to an Appian project already in place at the agency for personnel security processing. Clearly, OCC understands that BPM is a leadership philosophy and a platform for transformation, not just a point solution.

Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications