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CFO King in 2009..

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
February 5, 2009

We've all seen the recent changes in the market and the mad rush by many companies to increase cashlevels to prepare to weather the impending financial storm. At the helm of many companies as they enter this storm is the CFO. Often having the keenest eye for managing cash, the CFO is being relied upon to make important strategic business decisions and provefinancial viability to shareholders. The clearest place to start though for CFO's is their own backyard, improving financial operations around invoicing, cash collections, dispute management, and financial exceptions.

Appian will be promoting the many successes we have had in helping financialdepartments improve process performance and increase cash collections. I recently participated in a podcast with Peter Schooff of ebizQ discussing some of the reasons CFO's need to pay attention to BPM technologies and some of the successes Appian has had in helping organizations improve financial processes.

Additionally, we'll be hosting a 1 hour event on February 19th discussing the benefits of BPM for financial operations along with a customer testimonial on their implementation of Appian BPM for a key financial process.

Hope to see you there,

Malcolm Ross

Director Product Management