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Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is the third largest home improvement retailer in the world. What sets Leroy Merlin apart is its unmatched global presence, with approximately 100,000 employees across 13 countries. The company is continuing to grow and expand into digital commerce and marketplaces to diversify its operations.

Business Problem

As Leroy Merlin has seen an increase in the number of e-commerce and in-store orders they receive, the number of requests for refunds and returns has also risen. Changing market conditions have increased refunds, returns, and exchanges, posing a significant challenge to the business.

Appian Solution

After thorough investigation, Leroy Merlin found the perfect solution in Appian. To aid in the setup, they partnered with Xebia, a company highly skilled in Appian implementations. 

The solution tackles challenge areas across the refunds and returns process to increase efficiencies. For instance, one of Leroy Merlin’s most notable process slowdowns, refund payment transactions, has been completely automated with the help of intelligent automation and RPA. 

Another key component of this solution is the integration of intelligent document processing, which played a pivotal role in accelerating refunds. The system now extracts the necessary information required for initiating refunds and reads customer information to fill in the relevant details automatically, speeding up the entire refund process. This, in turn, has boosted customer satisfaction.

The impact of this transformation was substantial. Previously, the refund and returns process took 15 days to complete. With the adoption of Appian's automation capabilities, this timeline was drastically reduced to 1.5–2 days.

Anything you would love to accomplish, you can accomplish 10X faster with Appian.
Dmitriy Anderson 
CIO & Head of E-commerce and Marketplace Strategy at Leroy Merlin
In Xebia, we believe that in these ever-changing times, agility isn’t just a strategy – it’s a way of life for us. It isn’t just limited to embracing on-the-go changes; it’s more about nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and having a mindset that welcomes change as opportunity, not challenge.

Amrapali Aggarwal
Delivery Manager, Xebia

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